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The Toronto Transit Commission, or TTC, is the largest transit system in Canada, serving a population of 2.5 million, and the third most heavily used system in North America, after New York and Mexico City.  With over 2000 buses, the TTC has the largest bus fleet in Canada and the fourth largest in North America, behind New York’s MTA Regional Bus Operations, Los Angeles’ LACMTA, and New Jersey’s NJ Transit.  The TTC also has a fleet of 248 streetcars, the only city in Canada to have retained its original streetcar service, as well as 678 subway cars and 28 light-rail cars for the Scarborough RT.  Almost all bus routes connect with the subway system, which was opened in 1954 and has since been expanded to three lines extending across the city with plans to extend the subway into York Region.  Bus models currently in service include Orion V and VII, New Flyer D40LF, and NovaBus LFS Artic and RTS buses.


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image010 TTC Subways & Scarborough RT


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