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There are several sizable cities in Eastern Ontario besides Ottawa.  Cornwall, about a 90-minute drive southeast of Ottawa, is a city of 46,000 people with a bridge link to the United States that is experiencing a revitalisation after the closing of several polluting industrial plants.  Brockville, about an hour-long drive south of Ottawa, was the first incorporated municipality in Canada, and today is a thriving city of 22,000.  Kingston, a two-hour drive southwest of Ottawa, was Canada’s first capital city, and now boasts a population of 117,000.  Pembroke, a city of 14,000 about two hours northwest of Ottawa, has a small transit system, and there is an employee shuttle for the Atomic Energy of Canada laboratories in Chalk River.  In addition, there are several smaller towns, with farmland and scenic drives all over the area.  Click on the links below to see pictures of buses in Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston, and Pembroke.


Brockville Transit (16 photos)


Cornwall Transit (134 photos)


Kingston Transit (88 photos+2 thumbnails)


Thom Transit Ltd. (26 photos)