Northeastern Ontario Page


Northeastern Ontario is generally regarded as the area of the province north of Algonquin Park and Georgian Bay and east of Lake Superior.  There are five municipalities large enough to support public transit systems:  North Bay (pop. 63,000), which is about 4.5 hours northwest of Ottawa and 4 hours north of Toronto; Sudbury (pop. 158,000), about one hour west of North Bay and 5 hours north of Toronto; Sault Ste. Marie (pop. 80,000), about 4 hours west of Sudbury; Timmins (pop. 43,000), which is about 4.5 hours northwest of North Bay and about 4 hours north of Sudbury; and Elliot Lake (pop. 12,000), about half-way between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.  Click below to see pictures of buses in North Bay and Sudbury.


North Bay Transit (10 photos)


Greater Sudbury Transit (19 photos)


Sault Ste. Marie Transit Services (10 photos)