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Central Ontario is the region roughly to the east of Toronto that is not in the Golden Horseshoe.  Belleville has a population of 49,000 and is located about two hours east of Toronto and three hours southeast of Ottawa.  The town of Deseronto is located about halfway between Belleville and Kingston and is home to about 1800 people.  The town of Cobourg, with 18,000 people, is about one hour east of Toronto.  Peterborough, home to about 75,000, is about one hour northeast of Toronto.  Lindsay, in the heart of cottage country, is about 30 minutes west of Peterborough, and Port Hope, with 16,000 residents, is about ten minutes west of Cobourg.  Click below to see photos of buses in Belleville, Cobourg, Deseronto and Peterborough.


Belleville Transit (48 photos)


Deseronto Transit (1 photo)


Cobourg Transit (13 photos)


Peterborough Transit (45 photos)


Port Hope Transit (5 photos)