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The city of Woodstock, located about halfway between Kitchener and London at the junction of Ontario highways 401 and 403 and home to about 36,000 people, is a city that has worked hard to preserve many of its heritage buildings and promotes itself as the “Dairy Capital of Canada”.  Bus service in the city operates from Monday to Saturday until 6:30 PM and the buses meet every half hour at the corner of Dundas and Wellington Streets.  The bus fleet once had one of the highest average bus ages in Ontario as the city preferred to purchase its buses second hand, but now is being rapidly updated with NovaBus LFS buses though there are still several GM New Looks as well as an MCI Classics in service.


All photos are by the webmaster.



13 is a 1976 GM T6H-4523N, spotted on Simcoe Street in downtown Woodstock on Oct. 10, 2008.



13 was seen again on Wellington Street at the main transfer point on Oct. 10, 2008.  This bus was originally Oakville Transit 7624 and was purchased in 1999, being repainted into a simplified version of the livery used on Woodstock’s original GM New Look and Orion I buses.  This bus is actually the second bus to be numbered 13, after the original bus was retired in the late 1990s.



11 is a 1979 GM T6H-4523N, spotted on Wellington Street on Oct. 10, 2008.  This bus was originally Stratford Transit 7935 and was purchased in 2005, and is one of three GM New Looks still in service in 2010.  Woodstock Transit is one of the few transit systems that still operates the classic vehicles, with this bus along with ex-Stratford bus 20 and Woodstock original 16 being used to carry passengers.  Again, this bus reused the number of a retired bus, in this case a GM New Look purchased new in 1975.



06-04 is a 1989 MCI TC-40102A, originally Santa Monica Big Blue Bus 5197 and acquired by Woodstock in 2006.  This bus still shows the wheelchair decal on the front of the bus, though the lift has since been disconnected and the sticker removed.  It is shown on Wellington Street on Oct. 10, 2008.



3 is a 2006 NovaBus LFS, the first to be purchased under Woodstock’s fleet renewal plan.  It is shown on Dundas Street at the main transfer point on Oct. 10, 2008.  Though seen in this photo in a plain white scheme, Woodstock is repainting its LFS buses into a new green and white livery similar to the scheme used on OC Transpo’s LFS buses.  An interesting feature on the back of this bus is the Quebec-style Priority sticker rather than the standard Yield/Cédez sticker used on other Ontario buses.


06-05 is another 2006 LFS, seen on Wellington Street on Oct. 10, 2008.


08-06 is a 2008 LFS, spotted on Wellington Street on Oct. 10, 2008.  This bus was the first delivered with the redesigned front end cap, with smaller headlamps spaced farther apart to make room for a bicycle rack if desired.