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The city of Welland is located about 15 minutes south of St. Catharines.  Transit service is provided by Welland Transit, a system with 14 buses serving a population of 50,000.  The fleet consists of Orion V, Blue Bird Ultra LF buses, El Dorado EZ Rider II MAX, and New Flyer D40LFR buses, along with some cutaway minibuses for use on less populated routes.  All routes originate at the bus terminal on East Main Street, and operate on a half-hour schedule.  Connections with St. Catharines Transit and Niagara Falls Transit can be made at Brock University.


All photos are by the webmaster unless noted otherwise.



128 is a 1980 GM T6H-4523N, formerly Whatcom Transportation Authority 883 from Bellingham, Washington, and purchased by Welland Transit in 1997.  This photo was taken at the Welland bus terminal on May 26, 2004.  128 was retired in 2008.


This bus is 118, a 1991 Orion 01.507, shown at the downtown bus terminal on May 26, 2004.


118 was spotted again in June 2008, by which time special decals had been applied to the windows for the 35th anniversary of Welland Transit.  These photos were taken in June 2008.  Expecting the bus to be retired soon, a group of transit enthusiasts from the GTA chartered the bus on May 7, 2011.  118 was indeed retired at the end of December 2011 and put up for auction in February 2012. (Photos by jmegs)


132 is a Ford cutaway van shown at the Welland Transit bus terminal on May 26, 2004.


134 is a Ford cutaway van of a different design, shown at downtown bus terminal on May 26, 2004.  As with 132, this bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift.


1139 is a 2006 Blue Bird Ultra LF, one of six acquired used from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority in 2007 where they had been operated by Pacific Western Transportation.  These photos were taken at the downtown bus terminal in June 2008. (Photos by jmegs)