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The Autobus Auger Group is a charter bus company with several subsidiaries for school bus service, public transit, paratransit and tourist charters.  The largest public transit division, Autocars des Chutes, operates in co-operation with the Societé de transport de Lévis to serve communities not served by the STL, while smaller divisions provide service in the Côte-de-Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans, Jacques-Cartier and Portneuf regions.  In total, Autobus Auger has about 350 buses in six garages.


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Autocars Québec Inc.

Les autocars Québec (formerly Autocars Tradition, acquired by M. Auger in 2003) once provided service from St-Augustin-de-Desmaures and the surrounding area, just west of Quebec City, to downtown Quebec under contract with the RTC.  The fleet consisted mostly of second-hand Classics, though there was a NovaBus RTS (a former demonstrator), some New Flyer D40 buses and a few Blue Bird Q-type vehicles.  The RTC assumed complete control of bus service in St-Augustin in June 2008, and all Autocars Québec buses were transferred to Autocars des Chutes.



931 was a 1983 GM T6H-5307N, seen here at the Palais du Gare train station in Quebec City on August 5, 2002.  Although this bus was designated as having a 6V71N engine, it was in fact equipped with an 8V71N power plant, most likely through a rebuild after the bus was purchased by Autocars Tradition.  This bus was originally STCUM 33-003, purchased second-hand from Montreal after it had been retired there in 1999.  This bus became Autocars Québec 83-109 before being sold to Lévis in 2004, where it was renumbered 8356 until its retirement.  It was restored by a private collector as STCUM 33-003, but the bus suffered a serious engine failure in February 2012 and was scrapped.

Autocars des Chutes Inc.

Les autocars des Chutes serves the Pintendre, Saint-Etienne, Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Rédempteur sectors in the western area of the City of Lévis, along with the municipalities of Breakeyville and Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, providing connections to Ste-Foy, Laval University and central Quebec City.  The fleet consists primarily of Classic, LFS and Thomas buses, and totals about 30 vehicles.



This Thomas Transliner was spotted on avenue Honoré-Mercier in Quebec City on June 27, 2005.  This bus was heading out to St-Nicolas on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.


99-83 is a Thomas Transit Liner, shown at les Galeries Chagnon on Aug. 2, 2004


99-83 was seen again several years later on Sept. 17, 2010, again at les Galeries Chagnon in Lévis.


09-81 is a 2009 NovaBus LFS Suburban, seen being used as a tour bus on avenue Honoré-Mercier in Quebec City on Sept. 17, 2010.