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Sarnia Transit operates and maintains a fleet of 25 buses on the conventional transit system, which is responsible for providing public transportation within the transit service area of the City of Sarnia and Village of Point Edward.  Service operates seven days a week and many of the twelve bus routes meet on Cristina Street at Lochiel near City Hall.  Another major transfer point is at the London Rd. Plaza Loblaws on London and Murphy Roads.



791 was a 1979 GM T6H-5307N.  This bus was rarely used both because of its size and its age, but in May 2008 it was still on Sarnia’s active bus roster, though it has since been retired from service. (Photo by Orion 4, courtesy of Orion 4’s Transbus Gallery)



812 was a 1981 Orion 01.501, shown at the transfer point in downtown Sarnia.  This bus was still painted in the old livery at the time, but by December 2009 it had been withdrawn from service.

(Photo by Orion 4)


013 is a 1983 Orion 01.502, purchased in 2001 from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  (Photo by Orion 4)


913 was a 1991 MCI TC-40102A, shown retired with other Classics and Orion V buses at the Sarnia Transit garage.  These buses were withdrawn because they were considered too large for the city’s ridership levels.  (Photo by Orion 4)


043 is a 1991 Orion 01.507, purchased in 2004 from Golden Empire Transit in Bakersfield, California.  (Photo by Orion 4)



922 was 1992 Orion 05.501, shown retired at the Sarnia Transit garage.  Like the MCI Classics, the 40’ Orion buses were withdrawn because they were too large for the city’s population.  (Photo by Orion 4)


053 is a 1994 Orion 05.505, bought in 2005 from Orlando Lynx in Florida.  (Photo by Orion 4)


022 is a 2002 Thomas-Dennis SLF-230, shown on a snowy day in Sarnia.  (Photo by Orion 4)