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A line of buses on display… This photo was taken during the Roadeo on May 26, 1991.  On display, from left to right, are an Orion III/Ikarus 286, several GM and MCI Classics with full body ads, a 1983 Orion I, New Flyer D40 9003, Orion V 9126, GM New Look 6101, and GM “Old Look” 5931.  Not shown in this photo is Twin Coach 337, off the right of the photo.


Three buses are seen boarding passengers at Lebreton Station on a sunny day in June 2001.  From left to right are an early 1980’s New Look, a freshly repainted 1992 Orion V, and a 1989 MCI Classic.



Several old buses are stored behind the St. Laurent Garage, shown in photos from April 2001 (upper), and June 1st, 2005 (lower).  The bus on the left is Quebec City 6120, a 1961 GM TDH-5301 owned by the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation.  The bus on the right is a 1937 Yellow Coach 743, which once operated as Gray Coach 692, was acquired by OC Transpo in 1984 and sold to a private owner in 2008.  These buses were still there in June 2006 as shown in this photo, but by December 2006, 6120 had been moved to another location.  (No enlarged photo available for upper thumbnail)



9751 is a 1997 El Dorado E-Z Rider, a small, 30’ low-floor bus seen at the retirement lot behind the St. Laurent Garage in May 2002.  This bus was used for a few years on low-volume routes such as the 123 in Gloucester or the 147 in the former Uplands air base.  This bus was listed for sale a short time after this photo was taken.

(Thumbnail only; no enlarged photo available)


A number of Orion V and New Flyer D40 buses rest at the St. Laurent garage on Sept. 14, 2002.  By this time, many of the New Flyer buses had been repainted into the new “Maple Leaf” livery.


9211, 9027, and 9710 wait to enter service on Sept. 14, 2002.  9211 is in a newer variant of the “Maple Leaf” livery, which pushed the fleet number aside to make room for the Ottawa logo.


9304 is shown with 4041 and 8222 at the St. Laurent garage on Dec. 24, 2003.  In the background are a retired Orion/Ikarus articulated bus and a New Flyer D60LF.


This line of buses was spotted behind the St. Laurent garage on June 12, 2004.  From left to right are New Looks 7918 and 7806, Classics 8789 and 8406, and Orion V 9131.


New Flyer D40 9204, Orion V 9808, and GM New Looks 7742 and 8008 rest at the St. Laurent garage on August 29, 2004.