image002     1990’s Era

New Flyer D40


9007 was a non-air-conditioned D40 purchased in 1989 and delivered in January 1990.  It is shown at St. Laurent Station on Feb. 23, 2009.


9008 was another 1990 NFI D40, seen resting at the St. Laurent garage on March 6, 2010, shortly before all the D40 buses were withdrawn from service at the end of the month.


9009 is shown parked at the St. Laurent garage during the 2008-2009 transit strike on Jan. 10, 2009.


9011 was the first New Flyer bus to be painted into the “maple leaf” livery.  It is seen here (in a poorly-exposed photograph) in May 2001 at Hurdman Station.


9030 was seen on Dec. 20, 1997, at Hurdman Station.  This photo shows the bus as originally delivered, with Pylon rollsigns and painted in the red-stripe livery.


9030 is seen again, this time repainted into the “maple leaf” paint scheme, at the St. Laurent garage on Dec. 24, 2003.


9035 has just arrived at the Terrasses de la Chaudičre terminal in Hull on Dec. 28, 2004.


9047 is seen here laying up at St. Laurent Station in April 2002.

(Thumbnail only; no enlarged photo available)


9054 was involved in a serious collision at Lees Station in 2003.  The entire front end of the bus needed to be rebuilt, and all the windows were replaced with those taken from a retired TTC 6600-series bus.  This photo shows the bus on March Road in Kanata on Sept. 8, 2008.  This bus had been retired by the end of December 2009.

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9054 is shown retired behind the OC Transpo facilities at 805 Belfast Road, near the St. Laurent garage.  This photo was taken in February 2010 and more clearly shows the modifications made after the bus was rebuilt.  (Photo by Mark Parent/Enviro_1203)


9207 was 1992 D40 equipped with a Sütrak air-conditioner.  However, the A/C was disconnected as it was on the other buses.  9207 is shown at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997.



9207 is seen repainted into the “maple leaf” livery in early May 2002.  This bus is missing the OC Transpo and City of Ottawa logos on the front of the bus, but they would eventually be added in a fashion similar to that on the D60LF buses purchased later on.  This photo was taken at Greenboro Station in the south end of the city.


9207 is shown parked behind the St. Laurent garage during the transit strike.  This photo was taken on Jan. 10, 2009.  9207 was retired in late 2009.


9213 is shown retired at the St. Laurent North garage on Feb. 23, 2009, parked next to 6337 and 6370.  This bus had only recently been withdrawn and was in relatively good shape, even though the farebox and side route marker had been removed and the OC Transpo decals painted over.


9220 is shown waiting to enter service along with Orion V 9858 and Orion VI 4120 at St. Laurent Station on Dec. 28, 2004.


9220 was spotted again dropping off passengers at Blair Station on November 11, 2009.  The last day of service for the New Flyer D40 buses was March 31, 2010, after which they were parked at the St. Laurent garage pending retirement, and the last bus, 9208, was retired on April 14, 2010.


9221 was spotted parked with 6351 and several other D60LF buses at the St. Laurent North garage on August 1st, 2008.


Orion 05.501


9126 is seen next to 6101 on May 26, 1991, shortly after the bus was delivered.  It was on display with several other buses during the OC Transpo Roadeo at Lansdowne Park.  9126 was the first Orion V bus to enter service with OC Transpo.


9126 is shown parked at the St. Laurent garage on April 28, 2007.  These buses were retired early due to extensive corrosion and 9126, the last 1991 Orion V in service, was withdrawn in April 2007.  It is now owned by a towing company along with the MCI Classic 8902, and during the summer of 2011 was in a scrapyard near Stittsville.


9136 is seen here parked at the St. Laurent Garage in April 2001.

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9139 was a 1991 Orion V shown here on Albert Street in June 2000.  By this time, many of the Orion V buses had been repainted, and all were equipped with Luminator destination signs.  However, the A/C on this bus was also disconnected in 1996.


9139 is shown laying up at Greenboro Station on Oct. 20, 2001.  Most Orion V buses purchased with A/C have a moulded fibreglass panel on the back of the bus.  OC Transpo’s buses had a flat metal panel instead.


9141 is shown laying up near Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997. 

(Thumbnail only; no enlarged photo available)


9145 was another 1991 Orion V, shown parked in the lay up lot near Lebreton Station with 6128 on August 30, 2005.  At the time, this bus was one of only a few Orion buses in the old livery still in service.


9241 was a 1992 Sütrak-equipped Orion V purchased in 1992.  It is shown behind the St. Laurent garage on June 4, 2005.  The air conditioning system was moved to the roof to make room for a rear window, after there had been complaints about the lack of visibility behind the bus.


9244 is shown at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997.  The housing for the A/C condenser unit can be seen in this photo, but it had also been disconnected at a cost-cutting measure.


9254 is shown waiting to enter service with 9139 at Place d’Orleans Station on August 29, 2004.  This photo shows the bus with windows taken from a 1991 Orion V.


9258 is shown retired behind the St. Laurent garage on August 4, 2007.  Like the 1991 buses, the 1992 Orion V buses were retired early and 9236 was the last in service, being retired in July 2007.


9709 was a 1997 Orion V, seen at St. Laurent Station in mid-May 2002.  This is one of twenty Orion buses purchased in 1997, after a four-year period where no buses were purchased due to a lack of funds.  This same lack of funds led to the disconnection of the air conditioners on buses purchased in the early 1990s.  9709 was retired in April 2011.


9806 was spotted on Slater Street in downtown Ottawa on Nov. 24, 2010.


9819 was a 1998 Orion V, shown here at Confederation Square on February 20, 1999.  These buses were not equipped with air conditioning, and were among the first buses purchased with vandal-resistant seating.


9828 was spotted on Oct. 20, 2001, unloading passengers at Bayview Station.  Compare the back of this bus with 9126 and 9139, which were equipped with A/C.


9849 was one of only two 1998 Orion V buses to have been repainted into the full “maple leaf” livery, after having spent a few years in a full-body ad wrap for a major high-tech company.  It is shown on St. Laurent Blvd. in Manor Park on Oct. 25, 2006.


9861 is seen here on Slater Street in June 2001.  The livery on this bus was only used on buses purchased during 1997 and 1998; in 1999, the “maple leaf” livery was introduced.


9871 is shown on Slater Street on Nov. 24, 2010.  This bus was the last Orion V in revenue service and was ceremonially retired on July 12, 2011, making the OC Transpo bus fleet 100% wheelchair accessible.


9876 is seen retired and parked at the St. Laurent garage on July 30, 2011.


9884 was seen on the Mackenzie King bridge behind the Rideau Centre on Sept. 5, 2003.  Delivered in March 1999, this bus was one of the last high-floor buses purchased by OC Transpo.