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The MTA operates the Staten Island Railway as the only rail transit line on Staten Island, providing 24-hour service between the Saint George Ferry Terminal and Tottenville along the southeast side of the island.  Although the SIR offers a similar service to the New York City Subway, it has no connections to the other boroughs and is considered a separate agency.  Established in 1860, the main line was completely electrified in 1925 and has been grade-separated from intersecting roads since 1966.  The SIR uses modified R44 subway cars built between 1971 and 1973, which are to be replaced by R46 cars which themselves will be replaced in subway service by R179 cars to be delivered between 2015 and 2017.  Express service operates between Saint George and Great Kills in the peak direction during rush hours, with local trains trailing behind to serve the stations in between.


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398 is seen waiting to resume service at Saint George station on March 10, 2014.  The twelve SIR cars numbered from 388 to 399 were originally NYC Subway cars of the same numbers, which were transferred to Staten Island Rapid Transit in 2008 after being upgraded at the Coney Island Overhaul Shops.


418 is shown at Saint George Station on a cloudy early afternoon in June 2008. (Photo by The Port of Authority)


428 was spotted waiting for passengers at Saint George station, which is connected to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, on March 20, 2014.


434 and 440 rest at Saint George Terminal on May 3, 2010. (Photo by Fan Railer)