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The WEGO Visitor Transportation System is a tourist-oriented bus rapid transit system that began operating on August 13, 2012, replacing the The Niagara Parks Commission People Mover which had been using propane-powered Orion IV buses since 1985, and Niagara Falls Transitís Falls Shuttle.WEGO operates four routes, with the Niagara Parks Commission operating one route along the Niagara Parkway, and Niagara Falls Transit operating the other three routes throughout the city.There are twenty-seven NovaBus LFX buses in the fleet, all of which are owned by the city of Niagara Falls, and of which eleven are operated by the Niagara Parks Commission and the other sixteen by Niagara Falls Transit.


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NPC 2 was a 1985 Orion 04.501, seen on the Niagara Parkway at the Falls on May 26, 2004.The Orion IV bus was designed by and for the Niagara Parks Commission, which is the only company to have received them.


NPC 6 was another 1985 Orion IV, spotted waiting at the Falls on Sept. 3, 2007.


NPC 6 was spotted again on the Niagara Parkway near the Fallsview Casino on Sept. 3, 2007.


NPC 6 is shown heading north on the Niagara Parkway at the Greenhouses as night falls on Sept. 3, 2007.


NPC 7 was a 1985 Orion IV, shown at the Falls on Sept. 3, 2007.These buses are often combined with 04.502 trailers, which is shown from behind in this photo.


NPC 7 was seen again at the Falls on Sept. 3, 2007.A total of thirteen 04.501 tractors and twelve 04.502 trailers were built between 1985 and 1989.


NPC 9 was a 1986 Orion IV, shown waiting for passengers at the Falls on May 26, 2004.This bus was the only one to have a regular commercial vehicle plate, as the original plate was given to a manager who had served for nine years.


5204 is a 2012 NovaBus LFX articulated bus, spotted on Ferry Street at Ellen Avenue on Sept. 4, 2012.


5210 is another 2012 Nova LFX articulated bus, seen on the Niagara Parkway near the Table Rock transfer hub on Sept. 4, 2012.


This Nova LFX articulated bus was spotted on the Niagara Parkway on Sept. 4, 2012.Niagara Falls Transit operates WEGO buses 5201 to 5211, while the Niagara Parks Commission operates buses 9001 to 9009.


5301 is a 2012 NovaBus LFX, seen on Clifton Hill on Sept. 4, 2012.WEGO was the first transit system to order 40í-long LFX buses, with 5301 to 5305 being operated by Niagara Falls Transit, while 9010 and 9011 are operated by the Niagara Parks Commission.