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Founded in 1979, the New Jersey Transit Corporation was established to provide rail, light rail and bus transportation throughout the state of New Jersey.  It operates under three legal businesses: NJ Transit Bus Operations, Inc, for bus and Newark Light Rail operations; subsidiary NJ Transit Mercer, Inc., for bus operations around Trenton; and NJ Transit Rail Operations, Inc., for commuter rail operations.  NJ Transit provides local and long-distance bus service in and between the major cities of Newark, Hoboken, Trenton, and Atlantic City, local service in the smaller communities in the state, and commuter service into New York City and Philadelphia.  In addition to routes run by New Jersey Transit, NJ Transit also subsidises and provides buses for most of the state’s private operators, such as Coach USA, DeCamp, Lakeland, and Academy, providing fixed route or commuter service.  In total, NJ Transit has the second-largest bus fleet in the United States with about 3000 buses, including about 700 buses leased to private operators, second only to New York’s MTA Regional Bus Operations.  The bus fleet consists of NovaBus RTS, Neoplan AN-459, NABI 416 and 31LFW buses, along with MCI highway coaches.  NJ Transit continues to order lift-equipped high-floor buses in order to maximise the seating capacity on the buses.


All photos are by Oren Hirsch and are featured on Oren's Transit Page.



3093 was a 1989 Flxible 40096-6T, seen at the Ridgewood Terminal, located at Van Neste Square at Ridgewood Avenue and Oak Street in Ridgewood on September 4, 2001.


3723 is a 1993 Flxible 40102-6C8, seen at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden on December 20, 2006.


3739 is another 1993 Flxible Metro-D, shown at the Ridgewood Terminal in Ridgewood on June 24, 2003.  The last Flxible Metro buses were withdrawn from service in 2011.


2721 is a 1995 NovaBus T80-206, seen at Newark Penn Station in Newark on December 22, 2003.


2505 is a 1999 NovaBUS RT60-2N, shown laying over near Ventnor Avenue and Franklin Avenue in Ventnor City on August 15, 2007.


2554 is a 2000 Nova RT60-2N leased to Academy Bus Lines, seen at the Ridgewood Terminal in Ridgewood, on June 24, 2003.


8006 is a 2002 MCI D4000, seen on Market Street at 5th Street in Philadelphia, PA, on June 21, 2003.  NJ Transit also operates four 96”-wide D4000N buses for use in Washington Township.