Transit service in Nassau County, located east of New York City, is provided by Nassau Inter-County Express or NICE.  Before December 31, 2011, service was provided by the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, an agency of the MTA, with all buses having been branded as MTA Long Island Bus.  Many of the routes operate into Queens to make connections with the New York City Subway, and a few travel east into Suffolk County to connect with Suffolk Transit.  Like MTA bus routes, NICE routes use an N- prefix to indicate that the route operates in Nassau County.  The bus fleet consists of Orion V and VII NG buses, fuelled by compressed natural gas.  Many of the older buses are painted in a characteristic orange-and-blue stripe livery, while most of the Orion VII buses are in the same blue-stripe scheme as the New York City Bus and MTA Bus Company buses.  However, in 2011, Long Island Bus chose to end its relationship with the MTA and awarded the contract to Veolia Transportation, effective January 1st, 2012, and the buses are being changed to a new livery.


All photos are by Oren Hirsch and are featured on Oren's Transit Page.



145 was a 1997 Orion V CNG, seen on Main Street in Flushing on June 27, 2003.


145 was spotted again on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing on June 27, 2003.  A unique feature of Long Island Bus Orion V buses is the four-piece folding entrance doors, not clearly seen in this picture.