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Public transit in the urban part of the city of Granby, population 59,000, is provided by Autobus Granby Inc., one of 24 subsidiaries of Transport Scolaire Sogesco, the largest privately-owned transportation company in Quebec.  Autobus Granby operates three routes in the city on an hourly schedule, seven days a week except for statutory holidays, and transfers can be made at the corner of Principale, Dufferin and Saint-Jacques Streets in downtown Granby, at the Maxi et Cie supermarket on rue Saint-Charles Sud, and on rue Saint-Hubert near the Granby Zoo.  The fleet consists mainly of former NovaBus LFS demonstrators, along with some cutaway minibuses.  Before 2005, bus service was provided by Transport Verreault, which used second-hand MCI Classics, GM New Looks and even a Canadair-Flxible New Look once operated by the CTCUM in Montreal.


All photos by the webmaster.




98050 is a 1998 NovaBus LFS, a former demonstrator seen boarding passengers at the Maxi supermarket on rue Saint-Charles on July 17, 2009.  Transport Verreault and Autobus Granby have largely maintained the original demo paint scheme on this bus, with only the addition of a few city logos to indicate ownership.


98050 was spotted again on rue Saint-Jacques in downtown Granby on July 17, 2009.



00070 is another former Nova LFS demo, this one from 2000, and it is shown on rue Dufferin on July 17, 2009.  This bus has changed even less from its days as a demonstrator, right down to the large company logos on the front and sides of the bus.


This Ford/Girardin cutaway minibus is typical of the vehicles used in the smaller cities in Quebec as transportation operators try to lower fuel costs by running smaller buses.  This photos shows the bus on rue Saint-Jacques on July 17, 2009.