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GO Transit (short for Government of Ontario Transit Operating Authority) was created as a transit agency in 1967 to provide commuter train service throughout the Golden Horseshoe into downtown Toronto.  Bus service was inaugurated in 1970.  Today, GO trains travel to Kitchener in the west, Oshawa in the east, and Barrie in the north, while GO buses provide additional service as far as Waterloo, Peterborough and Niagara Falls.  GO Transit has a fleet of 390 buses, consisting of Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 double-decker buses and MCI D4500 coaches, along with 45 locomotives and 390 double-decker railway cars.


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649 is a 2010 MotivePower Industries MP40PH-3C, shown leaving Union Station in Toronto on July 29, 2012.  Powered by a 4000 HP 16V710G3B-EFI-T2 prime mover along with a 1000 HP Caterpillar C27-ACERT HEP generator set, this locomotive is one of 57 MPI units ordered by GO Transit since 2007.


227 is a 1989 Can-Car Rail Series IV BiLevel cab car, seen pulling into Guildwood Station in Scarborough on July 29, 2012.  Designed by GO Transit and Hawker Siddeley Canada in the 1970s, more than 700 BiLevel cars are in service with railways across North America, with the cars now being produced by Bombardier Transportation.


1460 was a 1990 MCI 102A2, seen on Front Street in front of Union Station on Nov. 22, 2002.  This model only two axles, compared to later purchases where the buses have three axles.


1465 was another 1990 MCI 102A2, spotted laying up with YRT 302 and 406 at the Finch GO bus terminal in Toronto on Dec. 30, 2004.


1467 is shown after its retirement in July 2006, stored at Conestoga College in Guelph in this photo taken in 2011. (Photo by Drew Aikman)



1927 was a 1991 New Flyer D40S, seen at Union Station in downtown Toronto on Nov. 22, 2002.  This bus was one of 50 purchased, but GO Transit sold some of the vehicles to other transit agencies such as Markham Transit, Brampton Transit, and Transport Thom, due to premature structural corrosion.  The rest have been removed from service.


1520 was a 1993 MCI 102D3 shown at the Finch GO bus terminal in North York on Oct. 15, 2007. This bus was acquired from Antelope Bus Lines in California in 1998.


1523 was another ex-Antelope bus shown at the Whitby GO station on Oct. 12, 2005. 


MCI D4500 2108, purchased in 2000, waits to enter service beside the 1985 Orion 01.508 1126 at the York Region Terminal near Finch Station in North York on August 9, 2001.


1152 was a 2000 Orion V transit bus about to load passengers at York Region Terminal on August 9, 2001.  These buses were used on local routes such as the Yonge ‘C’, where there would be frequent loading and unloading of passengers.  GO Transit placed two orders for Orion V transit buses, the first numbered 1150 to 1163 built in 2000, and the second numbered 1164 to 1173 and built in 2002.


1160 was another 2000 Orion V transit bus, unloading riders at York Region Terminal on August 9, 2001.  The Orion V transit buses, along with the Orion I buses, were sold to York Region Transit when the local routes were transferred in 2003.


2010 was a 2001 Orion V suburban bus laying up at York Region Terminal on August 9, 2001. (Thumbnail only, no enlarged picture available.  Sorry!)



2010 was seen boarding riders at York Region Terminal on August 9, 2001.  These buses are mainly used on semi-express routes such as the Newmarket ‘B’ route, where there are fewer stops between the ends the route.  GO Transit received three orders of Orion V suburban buses:  2000 to 2007 were ordered in 2000, 2008 to 2017 were delivered in 2001, and 2018 to 2029 were delivered in 2004.


2010 was spotted again at the DRT Oshawa garage on Oct. 9, 2008. After just eight years in service, this bus was retired in November 2009 along with about half of the 2001 Orion V buses and all of the 2000 buses.


2020 was a 2004 Orion V suburban, spotted waiting to enter service at the Finch GO bus terminal in Toronto on Dec. 30, 2004.  These buses could be distinguished from earlier models as the fleet number is marked on the roof.  The last Orion V bus in GO Transit service was 2025, which was retired in May 2011.


2020 was seen again at the Scarborough Town Centre on Oct. 9, 2008.  Since 2007, GO Transit has shown route numbers on the right side of the front destination sign.


2126 is a 2002 MCI D4500, seen at Union Station on Nov. 22, 2002.  This model is the first 45-foot-long bus purchased by GO Transit.


2199 is a 2004 MCI D4500, shown waiting at the Finch GO bus terminal on Dec. 30, 2004.


2200 is another 2004 MCI D4500, spotted resting with YRT 8717 at the Finch GO bus terminal on Dec. 30, 2004.


2273 is a 2005 MCI D4500CT, shown at the Barrie Transit Terminal on Oct. 13, 2005.



2278 is another 2005 D4500CT, shown at the Whitby GO station on October 12, 2005.  These buses have updated styling, including frameless side windows and redesigned headlamps.  Conversely, MCI sold the older design with square headlamps as the D4500CL, available only to transit systems.


2291 is a 2006 MCI D4500CT, seen parked at DRT Oshawa garage on Sept. 6, 2012.


2294, is another 2006 D4500CT, shown resting at the Finch GO bus terminal on Oct. 15, 2007.


2315 was spotted laying up with 2126 and 2140 on Oct. 15, 2007.


2334 is a 2007 MCI D4500CT, seen resting at the Oakville GO station on Oct. 15, 2007.



2345 is another 2007 D4500CT, shown resting at the Yorkdale bus terminal in North York on Sept. 3, 2007.  This view shows the new design for the back end of the bus as well as GO Transit’s new colour scheme.


2351 is shown unloading passengers at the Ajax GO terminal on October 15, 2007.


2379 is a 2008 MCI D4500CT, spotted parked in front of the DRT Oshawa garage on Oct. 9, 2009.


8003 is a 2007 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, spotted on Rathburn Road West near the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga on Oct. 9, 2009.  These British-built double decker buses are primarily used on Highway 407 routes to and from York University, as the 14’ height restricts the number of routes on which the buses can operate.  Other North American transit systems operating these buses include OC Transpo in Ottawa, BC Transit in Victoria and Kelowna, Community Transit in Lynwood, Wash., and RTC Transit’s The Deuce in Las Vegas.


2412 is a 2009 MCI D4500CT, shown boarding riders at the Bramalea Transit Centre in Brampton on July 28, 2012.


2484 is a 2011 MCI D4500CT, seen laying up at the Union GO Bus Terminal in Toronto on July 29, 2012.  Powered by a Cummins ISX11.9 engine, these buses are the first EPA2010-compliant coaches ordered by GO Transit.


2493 is another 2011 D4500CT, spotted pulling into the Union GO Bus Terminal on July 29, 2012.


2529 is a 2012 MCI D4500CT, shown parked at the DRT Oshawa garage on Raleigh Avenue (upper) and on Farewell Street (lower) on Sept. 6, 2012.