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Bus service in the City of Watertown is provided by CitiBus, a small system with five Orion V buses running on a forty-minute schedule.  Service is provided on three routes, two of which are subdivided into two routes each.  All the buses stop at the Arcade, at the corner of Washington and Arsenal Streets, to provide quick transfers for passengers.  Jefferson County, of which Watertown is the largest city and county seat, is one of three counties with the option to join the CNYRTA if the county legislature votes for the merger.


All photos are by the webmaster.




This bus is an Orion 01.504, seen at the Arcade on Washington Street near Arsenal Street on Jan. 2, 2002.  The colour scheme on this bus and the printed destination sign in the windshield suggest that this bus was purchased second-hand from another transit system, most likely from Utica.  This bus was last seen gracing a rural lot on Route 180 in Brownville, near Route 12E.



892 is a 30’ Gillig 30/96TB/6V92 seen at the Arcade on March 1st, 2003.  These buses were replaced by a new order of Orion V buses, which arrived in early 2003.



Happy Holidays!  893 is another Gillig Phantom seen at the Arcade transfer point on Jan. 2, 2002.  These buses were powered by 6V92TA engines with Voith D863 transmissions, sounding very much like early Orion V buses.


960 is a Thomas bus seen at the Arcade on Jan. 2, 2002.  This bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift in the middle of the bus.


1880 is a 2003 Orion 05.504, waiting to resume service at the Arcade on Aug. 4, 2003.


1881 is another Orion V, shown on Arsenal Street near the Salmon Run Mall on Sept. 5, 2008.




1888 was seen at the Arcade on Aug. 4, 2003.  These buses are equipped with Yellow LED signs that can flash public service messages such at “Drive Safely” or “Public Pools are Open”, as well as route information.  These buses have replaced all the previous models in the CitiBus fleet.


1889 is an Orion V, spotted loading riders at the Arcade.  This photo was taken on Aug. 4, 2003.