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One of OC Transpoís rural transit partners, Clarence-Rockland Transpo was established by the City of Clarence-Rockland, population 21,000, to provide commuter bus between downtown Ottawa and Gatineau to communities east of Ottawa such as Bourget, Cheney and Rockland using the Transitway and Highways 174 and 417.Though the service only operates during weekday peak periods, CRT bus passes can be used on OC Transpo buses at any time.CRT contracts the actual bus service to a number of charter operators, including Lalonde and Leduc bus lines.


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Leduc 3910 is a 1994 Prevost H3-41, seen on Queen Street at the World Exchange Plaza on June 6, 2006.


Leduc 3917 is a Prevost H3-45, seen on Queen Street in downtown Ottawa on June 6, 2006.This bus is actually not used by CRT, but in this case it does provide similar service to other locations east of Ottawa, in this case to Hawkesbury, a town of 11,000 about halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.


Leduc 3923 is another Prevost H3-41, shown boarding passengers on Queen Street on June 6, 2006.


Leduc 3923 was spotted again loading riders on Queen Street at the World Exchange Plaza on Oct. 7, 2008.



Leduc 3927 is a 2005 NovaBus LFS suburban, purchased by Leduc Bus Lines to provide wheelchair-accessible service from Ottawa-Gatineau to Rockland.This bus is shown on Queen Street on June 8, 2006.



Leduc 3927 was spotted on the Mackenzie King Bridge at the Rideau Centre on Oct. 7, 2008.By this time the bus had been painted with an updated livery and equipped with a digital headsign.


Leduc 3927 was spotted again on Queen Street later during the day on Oct. 7, 2008.


Leduc 3927 is shown four years later, on Queen Street at Metcalfe Street in downtown Ottawa on July 30, 2012.


Leduc 3930 is a 2000 Prevost Le Mirage XL-II, spotted on Queen Street at the World Exchange Plaza on Nov. 24, 2010.This bus was originally Lanau Bus 29041.


Leduc 3931 is a 2007 Nova LFS, seen at the World Exchange Plaza on Oct. 7, 2008.


Leduc 3931 was seen again on Queen Street near Metcalfe Street on July 30, 2012.By this time, CRTís LFS buses had been refit with dual projector headlamps similar those used on Translinkís and BC Transitís LFS buses.


Leduc 3932 is a 2008 Nova LFS Suburban, seen on Queen Street near the World Exchange Plaza on July 30, 2012.


Lalonde 535 is a Ford E-450 cutaway minibus, spotted on June 6, 2006.CRT uses Lalonde Bus Lines to provide service to Bourget, in southern Clarence-Rockland.