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The Capital District Transportation Authority is one of four regional transportation authorities formed by an act of the New York state legislature in 1970.  Today, the CDTA provides bus service in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, as well as Saratoga Springs to the north, serving a total population of about 850,000 with 44 bus routes in the centralized urban area as well as commuter service to a number of communities in the rural areas of the four-county service area.  The urban bus fleet consists of Orion VI, NovaBus LFS, NABI 35LFW and Gillig Advantage buses, totalling about 250 buses.  The withdrawal of the Orion I and V buses makes Albany the first major city in New York to have an all-low-floor urban bus fleet.  Upstate Transit also provides some MCI highway coaches for rural and Northway Xpress service.


All photos are by the webmaster unless otherwise noted.


NovaBus LFS


9909 is a 1999 Nova LFS, shown waiting to enter service near the Greyhound terminal on Sept 18, 2004.  These earlier buses have windows with square corners, compare to the rounded corners on the 2000 LFS buses.


3001 is a 2000 Nova LFS, spotted on State Street on Sept. 18, 2004. This bus is wearing a full wrap for the Fuccillo Auto Mall.


3004 is another 2000 LFS, and was spotted on Broadway near Hudson Avenue on Sept. 18, 2004.


3004 was seen later on Sept. 18, 2004, resting near the Greyhound terminal before resuming service


3027 is shown on Eagle Street in front of the New York State Capitol Building on Sept. 18, 2004.


3027 is shown several years later, now equipped with a digital headsign.  All of the CDTA’s LFS buses have been so equipped, and the stripe is now above the windows as shown in this photo. (Photo by bmedo07)


Bus Industries of America 06.501


2019, 2021, 9909 are shown laying up under the South Mall Expressway, near the Greyhound terminal, on Sept. 18, 2004.


2017 is a 2000 Orion VI, shown on Broadway at Hudson Avenue on Sept. 18, 2004.


2019 is another Orion VI, seen waiting to enter service under the South Mall Expressway on Sept. 18, 2004.


2021 is shown on Broadway in front of SUNY headquarters on Sept. 18, 2004.


2024 has just entered service, and is stopped at the Greyhound bus station on Sept. 18, 2004.


2024 was seen again later on Sept. 18, 2004.  This bus was on Broadway when this photo was taken.


2033 is shown laying up near the Greyhound terminal on Sept. 18, 2004.



2037 is shown waiting at a time point on Broadway at Hudson Avenue on Sept. 18, 2004.  Unlike many US transit systems, the CDTA ordered its Orion VI buses with the exit doors behind the rear axle, like the Canadian versions of the bus, instead of in the middle of the bus in front of the rear axle.


2060 is shown on State Street near Pearl Street on Sept. 18, 2004.


Gillig Advantage BRT Hybrid


The CDTA acquired six Gillig Advantage T-40 BRT hybrid buses in 2007 in a new iRide livery.  The 40’ Gillig buses are numbered in the 4000 series, and hybrid buses also have an “H” suffix in the fleet number.  (Photo by bmedo07)


A close up of one of the iRide buses, taken in Troy.  The hybrid buses feature special front and rear end caps, along with seamless windows.  The CDTA also ordered a small number of conventional diesel buses from Gillig in both 30’ and 40’ lengths in 2007, with the shorter buses numbered in the 3100 series.  (Photo by bmedo07)


4013H is another Gillig Advantage BRT hybrid, shown in Schenectady in front of Orion VI 2048 on July 3, 2007.  The CDTA purchased another 22 hybrid buses in 2008, with more orders in the future as the authority upgrades its bus fleet.  (Photo by Adam E. Moreira)